Wild Turkey Summer Observation Survey
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Thank you for helping the NCWRC monitor wild turkeys! The NC Wildlife Resources Commission is seeking volunteers to report turkey observations this summer to help biologists improve management decisions. Turkey observations are used to estimate annual wild turkey productivity, gobbler carryover, and other population trends. Volunteer observations should remember the following:
  • Survey period is July 1st through August 31st.
  • Accurately identify, count, and record all turkeys you see.
  • Use a separate row on the survey form for each group of turkeys.
  • Do not combine multiple groups of turkeys into a daily total.
  • If you suspect you’ve seen a group of turkeys before, do not record those turkeys a second time.

After submitting your observations online, new volunteers will automatically receive a survey postcard in the mail next season as an optional method for recording data while in the field.

Historic survey summaries are available on the turkey webpage. Thank you for your support!